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🔥 The purchased V-Bucks is available for all platforms: PC, Phone, XBOX, PlaySation, Nintendo.
⛔ Before buying, be sure to read the product description and read the instructions at the very bottom. ⛔
🔷 Do you want another category?  Visit our page 👉 https://igitems.com/profile/KLOJE 👈 and check out all the categories of the same or other products.

🔷 Before purchasing, you need to create an XBOX account (if you don't have one) at👉 xbox.com 👈and link it to your Epic Games account, this is only for purchase, You can use it on any platform.
Instructions on how to link your account:👉​​​​​​​https://is.gd/2ig1VL👈​​​​​​​ . 
🔷 After that you will have to give your login data(login,password) to sign in to your XBOX account in "Correspondence with the seller"
🔷 Wait for the order complete.
🚚 Product delivery 🚚
1️⃣ Chat.
2️⃣ Your Email.
🔴 This product is non-refundable All of our products are original from its parent company.
🔴 You can get your money back in one case, which is to start shooting a screen video from the moment of purchase until the moment the product is activated, and it was proven during the shooting that the product has a problem.


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