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igitems Guarantee®
you are protected with us
Your purchases made on the igitems platform are protected to ensure you get what you bought, or your money back
Smooth Transactions Ensured
Our Sellers are expected to work with Buyers to resolve issues quickly, but sometimes when an agreement cannot be reached, igitems will step in to help
igitems Guarantee® eligibility
  • If you receive an item that does not match the description
  • If you experience any trouble while receiving your item
  • If you receive an item with any defect
Your Money Is Safe
Payments are initially made to igitems, not directly to the Sellers - only upon the completion & confirmation of the trade will the money be released to the Seller
Important note!
DO NOT approve delivery in the order’s Review until you have received your exact product. Always verify that you have received the correct item or service before confirming the delivery. Once a trade has been confirmed, it is considered final, and no returns or refunds will be granted.
igitems Guarantee® How-to
In case of any delivery trouble please follow these steps
Contact the seller to inform them that you are elevating the dispute
Click the ‘Start Dispute’ button (next to the ‘Approve Delivery’) to start the procedure formally
The funds are now frozen - if required, we will intervene to guide the situation to a resolution
Your payment remains with igitems (not paid out to the Seller) until we make the final decision
Important Terms
Be sure that you are aware of our rules
  • The Buyer has at least 72 hours from when the item is marked as ‘Delivered’ to submit a dispute under the igitems Guarantee®
  • If we receive the requested information / response within 7 days from the Buyer, the claim may be accepted, and the igitems Guarantee® forfeited due to lack of evidence
  • It is anticipated that the Buyer has made efforts to resolve the issue directly with the Seller and will only invoke the igitems Guarantee® as a last resort in cases of unresolved disagreement - still, always be sure to 'Start Dispute' as soon as issue is encountered to ensure that the seller may only access the funds once resolved
  • Fraudulent claims (e.g. Buyer filing a chargeback after receiving their item / refund) will be subjected to legal consequences and potential suspension of the account
  • Communications outside the igitems platform, such as Discord, Whatsapp, or private emails, will not be acknowledged or considered - engaging in such contacts can result in suspending all parties involved and the forfeiture of the igitems Guarantee®